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    His fluffy puppy-coat of wavy mahogany-and-white caught a million sunbeams, reflecting them back in tawny-orange glints and in a dazzle as of snow. His forepaws were absurdly small, even for a puppy’s. Above them the ridging of the stocky leg-bones gave as clear promise of mighty size and strength as did the amazingly deep little chest and square shoulders.

    Actually how long it stuck there neither of them knew. The moon sank lower, glowing, molten; myriads of mosquitoes beat about them, bit their faces, hands, and feet; the river seemed as stagnant as a pool.

    “Hush my child,” said the aged one, horrified, “you will call down the wrath of the goddess in whose temple you now stand! Will you not pray to Athena?”

    Eight miles into the rolling granite hills west of the capital, a black-painted official air-car flying the twin flags of Chief of State and Terrestrial Minister skimmed along a foot above a pot-holed road. Slumped in the padded seat, the Boyar Chef d'Regime waved his cigar glumly at the surrounding hills.

    Bud looked fondly at the Bishop—then admiringly at Ben Butler. He drew a long breath of pure air, and sitting on the edge of the seat, prepared to jump if necessary, for Bud was mortally afraid of being in a runaway, and his scared eyes seemed to be looking for the soft places in the road.


    All of which Captain Coventry answered to the best of his capability, the whole while cogitating how he might contrive his next meeting with the vicar's daughter. At last a casual reference to the coming sale of work presented an excellent opportunity.


    The outward and visible disposition of Highmorton School was all against the spirit of such dreams. The disposition of Highmorton was towards a scorn of males. What Joan knew surely to be lovely, Highmorton denounced as ??soppy.?? ??Soppy?? was a terrible word in boys?? schools and girls?? schools alike, a flail for all romance. But in the girls?? schools it was used more particularly against tender thoughts of men. Highmorton taught the revolt of women from the love of men??in favour of the love of women. The school resounded always with the achievements of the one important sex, hitherto held back by man-made laws from demonstrating an all-round superiority. The staff at Highmorton had all a common hardness of demeanour; they were without exception suffragettes, and most of them militant suffragettes. They played hockey with great violence, and let the elder girls hear them say ??damn!?? The ones who had any beauty aspired to sub-virile effects; they impressed small adorers as if they were sexless angels. There was Miss Oriana Frobisher (science) with the glorious wave in her golden hair and the flash of lightning in her glasses. She had done great feats with love, it was said; she had refused a professor of botany and a fabulously rich widower, and the mathematical master was ??gone?? on her. There was Miss Kellaway, dark and pensive, known to her worshippers as ??Queen of the Night,?? fragile, and yet a swift and nimble forward. Aunt Phœbe also had become a leading militant, and Aunt Phyllis, who wavered on the verge of militancy, continued the Highmorton teaching in the holidays. ??Absolute equality between the sexes,?? was their demand; their moderate demand, seeing what men were. Joan would have been more than human not to take the colour of so universal a teaching. And 295yet in her reveries there was always one man exempt from that doom of general masculine inferiority. She had no use for a dream lover??unless he was dying of consumption or, Tristram fashion, of love-caused wounds??who could not out-run, out-fence, out-wrestle and out-think her, or for a situation of asserted equality which could not dissolve into caressing devotion.


      该院胸三科一孙姓医生认为,不用太恐慌,目前虽然停诊,但医生都在坚守岗位,医院内也在配合调查,目前没有出现院内感染的情况。三个无症状感染者如何感染,我们也不清楚。(健康时报记者 王艾冰 王振雅)






    Grey and heavy blanket, folding, covering all.



    [pg 195]

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